Mes premiers Jeux

Lac_St_Louis_PremiersJeuxThe Mes premiers Jeux program was created to introduce children to the pleasures of sport competition and to make contact with sports clubs in their area. In the form of open days, these events offer an opportunity to initiate new followers to a competition within a safe environment by including a basic technique, regulation and even a friendly competition.

For more information on the program, see the Mes premiers Jeux Reference Guide (french only).


Funding program

Clubs and regional associations are encouraged to participate in this program by presenting us a Mes premiers Jeux project. Financial assistance may be granted for its execution, so feel free to submit it to us!

Here is an example of a project supported by the program:

Winter 2015 & 2016 editions Held at the Jacques-Bizard School (L’Île-Bizard), extracurricular activity Tennis-Découverte allowed a group consisting of 1st to 3rd grade students to discover the basics of tennis in an atmosphere of games and cooperation.



Winter 2017 edition:

Sport  Date Contact
Coming soon


Dates limites

Project execution period Deadline for sending the form to SPORTSQUÉBEC
Winter sports October 15 to March 10 November 1st
Summer sports March 11 to September 30 March 30


Document for collaborators