Jeux du Québec

lslSince its inception in 1970, over three million young athletes who have gone through the program of the Jeux du Québec.


The 3 components of the program:

  • Finale des Jeux du Québec: The largest annual multi-sport gathering bringing together the best athletes under 18 from the province of Quebec. Discover the details on the upcoming Finale.
  • Jeux du Québec regional finals: Competitions in over 50 sports held twice a year, winter and summer, in each region of Quebec. They are an essential qualification step for the participation of the regions and athletes in the Finale of the Jeux du Québec. Take a look at the schedule of the regional finals.
  • My First Games: Activities for children 6 to 12 years old meant to introduce them to the pleasures of the sporting competition and to put them in contact with sports clubs in their area. Learn more about the program.


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